Welcome to Teinnovadora Trade Company

Bringing exquisite products to the world 


Our Global Journey

Teinnovadora is a trading company based in Washington State, the United States that connects great local products with international buyers. We highly value our customers and represent our products with integrity.

Our mission is to bring you the finest products from around the world and to provide the best customer experience.

Through local networking, in-depth analysis, and innovative business models, we assist U.S. businesses to export to Europe.

We are also licensed importer and distributor of exquisite Romanian wines in Washington State


Great Wines of Romania

Romania is a wine country and a producer of high-quality wines,

Teinnovadora is a wine importer in the United States. We partner with great wineries from Romania to bring the finest wines from Romania to the United States. 

Fine Wines

Fresh Wild-Caught Seafood

Teinnovadora provides the highest quality wild-caught seafood from Alaska and the Pacific Northwest to global customers.

We only support eco-friendly harvest practices worldwide.

Superfoods Healthy Eating

Teinnovadora brings you a collection of healthy foods such as organic gluten-free flour, quinoa, and freeze-dried fruits.


Great Wines of Romania