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Teinnovadora – Culture in a Wine Bottle is a company that specializes in wholesaling and exporting wine from Washington State, as well as importing and distributing high-quality Romanian wines within Washington State.

We partner with exquisite Washington State wineries, and we are thrilled to represent them on the global market.

Nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Washington’s diverse terroirs and innovative winemaking practices produce wines that captivate connoisseurs worldwide.

As an esteemed exporter of fine wines, we specialize in sourcing, curating, and selling an exquisite array of vintages to our international customers. With a commitment to excellence, we meticulously select wines that epitomize quality, character, and regional uniqueness.

We collaborate closely with the wineries, ensuring that each bottle we export embodies the craftsmanship, and distinctive terroir of its origin. We are so excited to have these wines in our portfolio and to offer them to you.

We take pride in representing the essence and sophistication of Washington State’s vibrant wine culture on a global stage. Join us on a journey of unparalleled wine discovery and let us be your trusted partner in exploring the richness of Washington wines! In addition to exporting from the US market we are also an importer and distributor of fine Romanian wines in the U.S.  

Our commitment extends internationally, fostering connections with renowned vineyards and wineries in Romania to bring forth a diverse selection of exceptional Romanian wines to our U.S customers. Through meticulous selection processes and a deep appreciation for the rich heritage, history, and quality of Romanian viticulture, we strive to introduce and promote these fine wines to a broader audience, enriching the global wine landscape with the unique aromas and character of Romanian wines. 

We sell Romanian wines to specialized retailers, restaurants, wine bars, and hospitality groups in Washington State. With a distribution network that enables us to move a large volume of product, Teinnovadora has established relationships with wineries, retailers, hospitality establishments, and other distributors to facilitate our operations. Teinnovadora has a strong understanding of the wine industry, including trends in demand, pricing, and distribution. 

Teinnovadora’s success in the wine trade is attributed to our commitment to providing high-quality wines and exceptional customer service. 

As a woman-owned and powered company, TEINNOVADORA is also committed to supporting and promoting women in the business world.
Teinnovadora’s passion for great products, commitment to customer satisfaction, and international background make it an exceptional wine trading company. Whether you’re a local winery looking to expand your reach or an international buyer looking for the finest and unique wines, Teinnovadora is an excellent partner to work with.

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