Country of Origin: United States of America


Processing & Packaging: Varies upon Request

We provide the highest quality wild caught seafood to our global customers. We partner with fishermen and fishing processors from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska in order to supply you with the best seafood products. We emphasize all-natural (wild) seafood.
Our seafood is NOT farm-raised. Our selling point is based on the quality of wild seafood compared to farm-raised products. Although farm-raised seafood usually produces higher-yield per fish, the drawbacks are numerous. For example, the bacteria level tends to be much higher due to the containment. Some people who suffer from certain allergies cannot consume farm-raised products.


World of Salmon


Chinook Salmon from Alaska

Other Names: Chins, King. Quinnat, Tyee, Tule, Blackmouth, Spring Salmon

Length: 36 – 48 inches  (90 – 120 centimeters)

Weight: 30 – 130 lbs (13.6 – 60 kilograms)

Distribution/Range: North America: Monterey Bay, CA to the Chukchi Sea and Asia: Hokkaido, Japan to Anadyr River, Siberia

Availability: All Year


Coho Salmon from Alaska


Other Names: Silver Salmon

Length: 24 – 30 inches  (60 – 90 centimeters)

Weight: 8 – 12 lbs (3.6 – 5.5 kilograms)

Distribution/Range: North Pacific Ocean, from Japan and eastern Russian, around the Bering Sea to mainland Alaska, and south all the way to Monterey Bay, CA

Availability: June – September



Chum Salmon from Alaska


Other Names: Calico, Keta, Dog Salmon

Length: 24 – 28 inches  (60 – 72 centimeters)

Weight: 10 – 13 lbs (4.5 – 6 kilograms)

Distribution/Range: Throughout Alaska and Bering Sea

Availability: May to October


Sockeye Salmon from Alaska


Other Names: Red and Blueback Salmon

Length: 24 – 31 inches  (50 – 79 centimeters)

Weight: 6 – 11 lbs (2.7 – 5 kilograms)

Distribution/Range: North America: Klamath River, OR to the Chukchi Sea

Availability: May – September

Pink from Alaska


Other Names: Humpy, Humpback Salmon

Length: 20 – 25 inches  (50 – 65 centimeters)

Weight: 3 – 5.5 lbs (1.3 – 2.3 kilograms)

Distribution/Range: Throughout Alaska

Availability: June – September








Wild Cod from Alaska


Length: Up to 115 centimeters

Weight: Up to 55 pounds (25 kilograms)

Distribution/Range: Deep waters in the western and eastern North Pacific Ocean

Availability: March-May, and August -October


Wild Halibut from Alaska


Length: To over 8 feet  (243 centimeters)

Weight: To over 500 lbs (227kilograms)

Distribution/Range: California to the Bearing Sea, West to the Sea of Japan

Availability: February to November









Dungeness Crab from Pacific North West

Other Names: Metacarcinus Magister, Cancer Magister

Length: 6.5 inches  (16.5 centimeters) of shoulder width

Weight: 2 lbs (0.91 kilograms)

Distribution/Range: The Aleutian Islands to Magdalena Bay, Mexico

Availability: May to December



Red King Crab from Alaska


Other Names: Paralithodes Camtschaticus, Kamchatka Crab, Alaskan King Crab

Leg Span: Up to 5 feet (152 centimeters)

Weight: Up to 24 lbs (10.9 kilograms)

Distribution/Range: British Columbia to Japan north to the Bering Sea with Bristol Bay and Kodiak Archipelago being the centers of its abundance in Alaska

Availability: January to March, and September to November


Snow Crab from Alaska


Other Names: Queen Crab, Spider Crab

Leg Span: Up to 15 inches (38 centimeters)

Weight: 1 – 4 lbs
(0.45 – 1.82 kilograms)

Distribution/Range: North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea

Availability: January to February


Oysters from Pacific North West


Length: 3.1 (7.9 centimeters) 

Distribution/Range: All over the world except North and South Poles

Availability: September to April



Geoduck from Pacific North West and Alaska


Other Names: King Clam, Mud Duck, Elephant-Trunk Clam

Length: 22 centimeters

Weight: 3.25 kilograms

Distribution/Range: Newport Bay, California to Kodiak Island, Alaska

Availability: All Year

Note: Geoduck is considered as one of the most sought-after culinary delicacies on earth. The meat is known for its fresh crisp texture. Freshness is the key for preparing geoduck dishes. Your order will be shipped via air within hours of harvest.  


Sea Cucumber from Pacific North West and Alaska


Average Size: Up two centimeters and five centimeters wide

Weight: Up to 500 grams (drained weight)

Distribution/Range: West Coast of North America, Mexico to Bearing Sea

Availability: All Year



Sea Urchin from Alaska and Pacific North West


Length: 3.1 (7.9 centimeters) 

Distribution/Range: Northern Japan and Alaska to Baja California

Availability: All Year