Jidvei wines are nurtured in the Tarnave Vineyard, located at the heart of Transylvania. Wine growing and winemaking have a long history in the Tarnave Region and were mentioned by Herodotus 600 BC. In this area, the viticulture has developed gradually but it throve in the 12th century, after the arrival of Saxon settlers from the Mosel and Rhine valleys. The passion and commitment for winemaking has been preserved over the centuries, overcoming some difficult times along history, being today a part of the local culture, and becoming a local symbol.


What could be more relevant about the vineyards and wines here than the Saxon`s name of the region, Weinland – Wine land.








The quality of Jidvei wines is truly exceptional because the terroir of the Tarnave Vineyard is ideal for making dry, semi-dry or aromatic white wines, ensuring a perfect balance between acidity, alcohol and flavors.


Vineyards are situated on the upper third of the hilly plateaus, on the southern slopes, at an altitude between 400 and 600 m, in order to take full advantage of soil and climate potential, but also of the microclimatic diversity of each hill.


Tarnave Vineyard is placed in the center of Romania, surrounded by two rivers, Tarnava Mica and Tarnava Mare, being sheltered by the Carpathian Mountains.


The type of climate is continental-plateau with an average annual temperature of + 9ºC and rainfall of 650 mm.


The soils are diverse: from forest brown to river-bank, which enables a great variety of vines.



We seek excellence, so the best vine growers ensure the constant quality of the grapes. The best plots are carefully selected. The various kinds of vines are closely monitored in order to determine when the grapes reach the desired level of maturation. After harvesting, the grapes are kept at a low temperature, to prevent oxidation.

Jidvei vineyard is spread on a surface of over 2,500 hectares and the varieties planted here are mostly white, both Romanian (Feteasca Alba and Feteasca Regala) and international (Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Chardonnay, Traminer, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Pinot Noir , Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon etc.).




The winemakers combine traditional techniques with modern winemaking methods to highlight the specific value of each variety of grapes.

Our wines are certified D.O.C, a mark of quality confirmed by over 100 gold and silver medals granted at international competitions.



Bethlen-Haller Castle built in the period 1570-1580, and reconstructed in the seventeenth century in the style of French Renaissance, was owned, over time, by more than 30 noble families.

Today, the castle is owned by Jidvei and it is fully functional, hosting events promoting these unique wines.

Usually, castles have their own legends about knights and noblemen, but in the heart of Transylvania, they also tell a story about wine, and they are a symbol of an ancient tradition in the art of vine growing and wine making.



We invite you to discover the wine that reflects the Jidvei origin, terroir and even the “soul” of Transylvania, by transposing our history, traditions and the values that define us.


Our goal is to provide a wide range of wines with consistent and constant quality to the wine enthusiasts worldwide.

At Jidvei, the terroir and the art of the winemakers allow us to produce over 50 wines of impeccable quality. The core portfolio consists of still wines: white, pink or red, from dry to sweet. The portfolio is completed by the sparkling wine produced using the traditional method and the superb brandy which is aged for at least five years in oak barrels.


Owner’s Choice 

Maria & Ana


Made only in the good years, these limited edition wines aim to offer the best the vineyard has to offer: pure varietal wines from indigenous and international grapes varieties.