Here, at Budureasca Vineyards, we continue a noble tradition, begun in those ancient times, when the Dacians land was well known for its wines. The unique character of these noble wines is due to the nature’s generosity and the winemakers skill and talent.



Our History

In the heart of Dealu Mare, in an area with rolling hills, caressed by the sun, we find the Budureasca vineyards – an ancient place, with deep roots in the history of wine culture.

The archaeological evidence found nearby suggests that this place has a particularly rich tradition in winemaking since Dacian times. 

The fact that today’s spoken language has still kept a few Dacian terms, such as: barrel, grape and tendril is another proof of the importance given by the locals to the grape-vine culture.

Furthermore, the writings of the ancient historians also speak about the wines produced in this area. For example, Homer, the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey stated that the “Greek warriors went into Thrace to find wine”.


Nowadays, the wines from these vineyards are well known and appreciated for their unique quality, but also for being able to adapt to the Modern World.


Our parcels

Budureasca vineyards are located at an altitude of 175-400 m and have a cultivated area of 280 ha, divided into 250 ha of vines which have been replanted in 2010-2011, and 30 ha of old vines.

Budureasca parcels are located in the upper third of the hilly plateaus, which maximizes the winegrowing potential.

In addition, the microclimate diversity offers the advantage of adding different red grape varieties to the portfolio.

Therefore, we have several red grape varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Feteasca Neagra, Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Merlot, but also white grape varieties, of which we would like to mention: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Feteasca Alba, Feteasca Regala and Riesling.

Our aromatic varieties are the Romanian Tamaioasa Romanesca, Busuioaca of Bohotin and Muscat Ottonel.


Stephen Donnelly



“It is my role as a winemaker to bring out the very

best that each grape variety can offer and it is my

philosophy that when it comes to quality, there is

no compromise.”


Renowned English winemaker, with over 30 years of international experience is known by the media as the “Flying Winemaker” or “Wine Trouble Shooter”. He started his career in the Napa Valley, studying at Davis University, California and has since used his skills crafting exceptional wines in England, Hungary, South Africa, India and Romania.


Each country’s wine has its own character and individuality and he has won international awards for each winery he has worked in. Stephen started making wines in Romania in 1995 and has been Budureasca’s winemaker since 2007. He has a unique talent where he fuses New World with Old World winemaking styles. He has already won over 200 international awards for Budureasca, including gold and silver medals at competitions such as Rose du Monde, Mundus Vini, Mondial du Merlot, Decanter, Mondial de Bruxelles, Berlin Wine Trophy, Premium Select Wine Challenge ProWein, International Wine and Spirit Competition and The International Wine Challenge, London

Our Wines

Red wines

Dealu Mare is renowned as a wine-industry region in Romania and it has ideal characteristics for the production of red wines. Due to the unique climatic conditions, some of the Budureasca vineyards are exceptional micro-zones

for the growing of premium red varieties and as a result, the crafted red wines belonging to these areas are known for their vivid color, their fine tannins and their complex characters. Nevertheless, the red wines from the other microzones of the Budureasca vineyards are characterized by some extra features due to climatic conditions and to the soil texture and therefore, they are more vigorous and robust, with an increased intensity of the coloring.


White wines

The fact that the red wines are appreciated and successful for their quality does not mean that the white wines of Budureasca are less valuable. The remarkable qualities of the climatic conditions of these vineyards offer the white wines elegant floral aromas and a fruity taste. The aromatic white wines, such as Tamaioasa Romaneasca or Muscat Ottonel, are also of an exceptional quality due to the advantages offered by the natural conditions of the terroir and long period of sunlight.

Our Vineyard

Budureasca vineyards are a part of the famous wine region Dealu Mare, which is located in the Southern Subcarpathians. The area covers numerous hills and valleys, starting from The Teleajen River (West) up to The Buzau River (East). The hilly massif with its southeast positioning represents an ideal and unique location for the vineyards. The Southern positioning, the sunshine that lasts over 2000 hours starting from April (the period of plant activity for the grape-vine) and the soil consisting of chernozem and limestone, offer the Buduresca’s crops a great quality that is almost impossible to achieve in other areas of the country.


The wine parallel

In addition, Budureasca vineyards belong to the “Wine parallel”, being placed on the same geographical coordinates (parallel 44° – 46°) as the finest wineries in the world: Bordeaux and Burgundy. Undoubtedly, this allows us to state that the terroir holds the potential to yield some extraordinary wines.





The legend says that as the popularity of the excellent Dacian wines spread, the Dacian King Burebista feared that his territories would be in danger of foreign attack. In order to put a stop to this, he burned the vineyards so no foreign invader could benefit from them.


Centuries later we can all benefit once again from the vines of this area, regrown from the ashes of Dacian vineyards and producing enviable, high quality wines. We revived the tradition and brought back to life grape varieties and wines of unique value.


All wines in this collection are dry bringing out the best characteristics of each variety, they are matured in oak barrels to gain complexity and structure and they are aged in bottles for at least four months before being launched on the market.





Budureasca Premium is a collection of dry wines which have been specially crafted for wine connoisseurs to be consumed in association with food or on special occasions. The wines are a fusion of Old World and New World styles to bring out the best characteristics of each wine and to show their true varietal characters bringing out their personality, complexity and finesse.


Some of Budureasca Premium wines are aged in oak barrels. After bottling, the wines are aged in the bottle for at least 4 months. These wines have already won international acclaim, confirming their high quality.






Origini is our premium brand, representing a selection of distinctive and elegant wines that faithfully express the unique character of Budureasca vineyards. Only the very best grapes are used to create these unique wines which have good aging potential. They are manually picked and sorted from plots where the climatic conditions, soil and sunlight are ideal to give full bodied wines with unique character.


The reds are aged for a minimum of 12 months in oak barrels originating from different parts of the world to increase their complexity and structure.


These exquisite wines arise at the end of a creative process carefully developed from the stage of grapes cultivation in the vineyard, up to the aging of the wine in bottle. They are made in limited quantities for those who appreciate the finest things in life.


The name Origini represents the origin of wine in this region thousands of years ago. The graphic symbol of Origini represents the wolf with a snake’s tale which was the Dacian battle flag. The wolf with a snake’s tale is coiled around a grape bunch and signifies the legend that the high priest advised Burebista (the Dacian king) to burn the vineyards in order to reduce foreign interest in the land, in order to protect the territory.






Our Noble Collection is intended to bring together only exquisite blends and Noble 5 is the first cuvée launched in this range. It is a cuvée made from five noble grape varieties which are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Fetească Neagră, Syrah and Pinot Noir.


 Noble 5 gets its name from the five noble grape varieties which are crafted together to make this wine. Each grape variety plays an integral part in the royal family which goes to make the Noble 5. Cabernet Sauvignon is the King, with his commanding presence and bold tannins and just a hint of spice. Pinot Noir is the Queen with her beautiful bouquet of forest fruits and soft velvety tannins. Merlot is the eldest Prince, with his well rounded structure and charming long aftertaste. Syrah is the youngest Prince with lively aromas of blackcurrant and black pepper. Feteasca Neagra is the Princess, charismatic, soft and elegant.


This blend of five classic varieties has been matured in French and Romanian oak for  at least 12 months before our winemaker carefully crafts these five noble grape varieties together to create a harmonious and truly noble wine.







Bristena is our collection intended primarily but not exclusively for ladies. The packaging and vibrant visual elements on the almost painted label give an air of femininity and the flowers represent its sweet and delicate flavors.


The wines in this collection are made from grapes selected from vines that are over 60 years old, giving great characteristics and good structure to the wines. They are all fresh, medium sweet wines with intense floral and fruity flavors.


The name Bristena was especially chosen due to its Dacian connotation. Moreover, it is said that Bristena was “Dacians` daughter” – a brave little girl who helped Dacians repeatedly to defend the country from enemies and even released from prison a large number of people, including her father.










The wines from Budureasca Organic collection are produced only in limited quantity, after many processes, most of them executed manually in Budureasca vineyard.


We have chosen to develop our own organic vines, on a limited parcel, carefully chosen, in order to maintain everything that is pure and genuine in our nature. We have obtained here ecological grapes for organic wines of the finest quality.


Vine cultivation under ecological system means harmonizing the natural elements given to us by Mother Earth in the form of soil, water, air, and sunlight. These are the only “ingredients”, naturally harnessed in order to obtain grapes of the purest quality, without interfering with fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides or other chemical substances.


Everything started from the vine leaf. Then the grapes became must, and later wine, capturing the touch of its creators. In the end, the winemakers have perfected the wine with a piece of their heart and soul. This is how the wines from Budureasca Organic collection were born; the embodiment of a clean and authentic taste; wines carrying the ‘touch of the heart’.


Our Cellar

Budureasca cellar opened in spring 2013. It has a surface of 5,200m., being one of the newest and largest cellars in Dealu Mare. Its avant-garde construction and the latest technology used to equip it, allows us to affirm that Budureasca is one of the most modern cellars in Romania. The construction is buried on three of its sides, to fit perfectly into the landscape and to provide an easier thermal control.


The cellar includes three main areas: the production-fermentation area (with a processing capacity of 900,000 liters), the conditioning-storage area (with a capacity of 1.6 million liters) and the area where the maturation and the aging of the fine wines take place.


Furthermore, the cellar is also provided with offices and rooms for wine tasting, and it has a visiting area that can support a capacity of 50 people, allowing them to have a clear view of the barrel rooms.


The investment in the wine cellar and in the vineyard amounts 12 million euros (6 million in the vineyards and 6 million in the cellar); all in the single aim of producing the highest quality wines.